The Boys Season 4: The bloody-sounding finale is not supposed to be the end

The Boys is uniquely bloody superhero fun that crosses borders in every respect and shows Marvel and Co. how to do it right. No wonder fans of the Amazon series dread its end. Creator Eric Kripke smoothed the waters and promised that season 4 would not be the end.

After the bloody season 4 finale of The Boys on Amazon, there’s more to come

On Twitter, he explained:

I’m [shooting] the season 4 finale right now. I don’t mean the series finale, there’s more to come! Season 4 is coming out…sometime in the future.

With this, Kripke strongly hints at season 5, but could mean other continuations. The fact is that The Boys still has a lively fan base, which should give Amazon Prime Video good numbers per season. Beyond that, however, a 5th season has not been officially confirmed. Its appearance will be linked to the success of the predecessor.

When will The Boys Season 4 come to Amazon Prime Video?

As Kripke already hints in a flippant tone, there is currently no release date for season 4. Only the name of the final The Boys episode is known and hints at a bloodbath. We expect it to start at the end of 2023 at the earliest.

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