Jenna Ortega really lashes out at Wednesday: ‘This makes no sense at all’

Jenna Ortega had problems with her Wednesday character. In an interview, she criticizes the script, which was completely inappropriate for her in places.

Wednesday became a huge hit on Netflix. And star Jenna Ortega had to run a real gauntlet for it, if her statements are to be believed. In a conversation, she revealed that she couldn’t do anything at all with the original version of her character.

Jenna Ortega rewrote Wednesday script with her own hands

On the Armchair Expert podcast, she explained:

Everything I had to play didn’t make sense to her character at all. A love triangle? Doesn’t make sense. There were times on the shoot where I almost became unprofessional because I was just changing lines of text [in the script]. I developed a protective instinct [for the character]. But you can’t play a lead role without emotional development.

Her criticism is apparently directed at scenes that made it into the series as well as old versions of the script. She is not alone in her feelings. The Wednesday love story was also inappropriate for many fans.

When is Wednesday Season 2 coming to Netflix?

There is no official date for Wednesday Season 2 of the Netflix hit yet, but it is already confirmed. At the current production stage, we expect new episodes in 2024 at the earliest.

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