After fantasy flop that did everything wrong: Hellboy: The Crooked Man movie finds lead actor

A new Hellboy attempt is underway. Now also actor is fixed, who follows Stranger Things star David Harbour. Also learn what the fantasy horror is about.

This news would have caused a storm of excitement a few years ago among genre fans. But those days are over. The announcement of the new Hellboy movie a few days ago caused more skepticism. Too much has gone wrong with the franchise. Will the mood around the new Hellboy change with the casting of the lead role?

Hellboy: The Crooked Man: This is the new Hellboy actor Jack Kesy

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jack Kesy is locking horns and stepping into a muscle suit. The actor doesn’t bring too much profile with him. You may know him from smaller roles in Deadpool 2, 12 Strong or Death Wish.

Kesy follows in the footsteps of Stranger Things star David Harbour, who starred in the unpopular last film adaptation of the cult comics: Hellboy – Call of Darkness.

Why the Hellboy franchise has a lot to make up for

In 2019, Hellboy – Call of Darkness tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the esprit of Guillermo del Toro’s first two film adaptations. The fundamental problem: fans didn’t want a reboot, they wanted a continuation of the original series starring Ron Perlman.

Call of Darkness also overlooked that fans weren’t just concerned with practical effects and violence. As a result, the film received the FSK 16 clearance it wanted, but used it mindlessly. This, of course, was because the key creative personalities who had shaped its unique style were no longer on board. The new crew had nothing substantial to offer the expectations.

What is the new Hellboy about and when is it coming to theaters?

The full title of the new film is Hellboy: The Crooked Man. Brian Taylor is directing the film, and he’s putting together a thoroughly interesting story. The Crooked Man is set in the 1950s in the American mountain range of Appalachia. Hellboy and a young agent from the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) must protect a village that is haunted by witches. The witches are led by a devil named Crooked Man. It is unknown when Hellyboy: The Crooked Man will be released.

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